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Say it with Flowers

Written by: Humph Hack

It is not by accident that flowers are a must for Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or just to say, “I love you” or sometimes, “I’m sorry”.

They are almost certain to bring joy to the recipient.
For the same reason artworks featuring flowers have been a staple among artists and collectors alike.

Fresh flowers wither and die, but floral artworks stay as fresh as when they were first produced.

Most people will have their favourite bloom and/or colour, but you may not know which come with a recognised “meaning”. For example, in this country, some people associate white Lilies with funerals, but in China, they are the flower of choice for weddings.

Red roses, for some people, are the perfect Gift of Love, but did you know traditionally?

1 rose symbolises love at first sight.
2 roses symbolise shared and deep love.
3 roses says “I love you”.
6 roses says “I want to be yours”.
7 roses says “I’m infatuated with you”.
9 roses symbolise eternal love.
10 roses says “You’re perfect”.

Any more than 10, probably means you’re trying too hard.

Cherry blossom signifies the coming of spring but the blooms fall far too quickly.

Apple blossom comes later and last longer.

Sunflowers are just about joy; the taller the better. The expectation as they grow is rewarded in mid-summer and for weeks after.

Tulips are another symbol of love. Although they often don’t behave once cut, they continue to offer just as much joy.

An Amaryllis commonly represents determination, beauty, and love.

The above are a small selection of works on 1 for Art. There are lots more flower paintings and prints to choose from. Use the search facility to find “flowers and plants”. Choose the colour you wish for and select a gift which will last a lot longer than a bunch of fresh flowers. The recipient will remember you, every time they look at their artwork.

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