Lee Campbell


Type of artwork you're most likely to produce?

Mystical landscapes in oil on canvas

What is your favourite piece of art you have created?

Tree of Gold

If you weren't an artist what other career would you be in?


If you could buy one piece of artwork what would it be?

Anything by Whistler

What inspires you?

The Thames and Richmond Park

Delving a little deeper

Why do you do what you do?

After a wide variety of careers and living in different countries, Since settling in London I have ready to concentrate on painting and drawing that had previously only been a hobby.

Can you tell us about your artistic background/education

Originally from New Zealand I am widely travelled and have experienced many different types of work including working as a nurse in Australia. Once settled in London I decided to follow a path begun by my late mother and studied for a BA in art in Canterbury, Kent followed by an MA in Art History and an MA as a tutor in further education. I enjoy teaching art interspersed with my day job which is painting in my studio on Eel Pie Island in the Thames. Fortunately I live nearby and so have been able to continue with my painting during these uncertain times with few distractions.

Do you work in silence or do you prefer a distraction?

BBC’s Radio 6 is my constant companion along with my dog. I enjoy visitors and students make a pleasant break from painting.

How do you choose the subject matter for your works?

The landscape and river Thames are my main subject matter but I like to make abstract work and still life also. Flowers every spring.

I also enjoy working as a resident artist and these positions have included The Royal Ballet School. Port of Southampton, The Savoy and The Shard.

These diverse locations have provided my with a feast of unusual subject matter.

Has your practice changed over time?

I have always been an oil painter but enjoy teaching water colour painting and charcoal drawing.

I have also made collage pieces from metal shards discarded in the workshop when working as Resident Artist at the National Physical Lab.

Who are your favourite contemporary or historical artists and why?

Post-Impressionism and Whistler, and Turner who also painted the River Thames.

If you could describe your work in less than 5 words, what would they be?

Mystical realism

What is the best advice given to you as an artist?

Keep moving. Draw a self-portrait every day.