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Artists FAQs

How do I sell on 1 For Art?

The first step that you will need to take is to apply to become an associate via our simple application form.
Once accepted you will receive a link to sign in to the website.

I’m not a professional artist and would like to sell on 1 For Art?

We’re pleased to know you’re considering selling on 1 For Art.

However, we only accept art from experienced artists that create pieces to the highest of standards, ensuring that the buyer is happy with their purchased artwork.

Complete an Artist’s seller application and we will let you know within two weeks if you have been approved to sell on our platform.

All sellers must be 18 years or over.

What can I sell on 1 For Art?

1 for Art provides a portal for artists to sell a variety of mediums including painting, photography, prints and drawings including other types of original artwork created directly by artists.

You must have produced the artwork yourself and you are the copyright owner.

What can’t I sell?

We do not accept naked female or male full frontal or side views.

Our aim is to make the website a safe and enjoyable environment that can be browsed by all, regardless of age or sensitivity.

Please see our artist’s restrictions page for more details

When I sell a piece of artwork, what is the next step and when will I get paid?

Like other online galleries, once you sell a piece you will dispatch the artwork directly to the buyer.

Once the art has arrived with the buyer, they have the chance to ensure that it matches the description provided and that they are happy with it.

14 days after delivery you can request your payment from 1 For Art, which we will send to you via PayPal minus the commission after a further 7 days.

How much do you charge to sell with 1 For Art?

We do not charge to list artwork through 1 for Art but if you sell artwork with us a commission will be deducted from the sale price.

Can I remove an item for sale?

Yes, you have full control over your online store and the pieces that you wish to sell. If you wish to remove an item from sale this can easily be done through the artist’s dashboard.

What information will I need to supply when listing an artwork?

The title of the artwork, a short description, the relevant category, medium, dimensions, delivery information and price. Each piece of artwork will also need at least two quality images.

How much should I list a piece of artwork for?

Research your market.

Consider other artists’ work that is comparable in style, medium, color, size, etc.

Check if they are established in the market or starting out.

Set yourself a reasonable hourly wage and the cost of materials when pricing your art – that includes framing, shipping and commision charges if applicable.

Can I put my artworks on sale?

Yes, you can discount your artworks through the artists dashboard. Please note that your artwork must have been on the site for sale at the normal price for at least 30 days prior to adding the sale price. It must be on sale for a specified time too.

Why did I not get accepted as a 1 for Art associate?

Your artworks may not be accepted due to various reasons. We do not give specific feedback as to why your submission was rejected due to the volume of applications we receive.

The most common reason your application is rejected is when the artwork submitted isn’t what we’re looking for.

Your application may also be rejected when the images submitted do not meet the standards of 1 for Art.

You’re welcome to apply again at a later date with different artworks.