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Kris Mercer

Kris Mercer works from her home studio in Nottinghamshire.

She loves art incorporates her passion into all of her paintings, drawings, prints and photographs.

She has for nearly thirty years been working on figurative and abstract works.

Striving to produce dramatic visual effects with colors and contrasts.

Her abstract works come from feelings, words, music. A riot of colour or a subdued undertone of emotions.

Action painting of the New York school figures heavily in a lot of the works but in her own style without so much emphasis on the “action.”

More a dynamic type of painting that involves the deliberate application of considered sweeping brushstrokes and the accidental effects that occur from the gradual build up of dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas. These are affectionately called abstract imaginings.

Her figurative work is traditional with a contemporary twist. A passion for architecture, a casual interest in people watching and a lifelong love of photography are the inspiration for many of the paintings.

 A limited palette of colours is context driven by scene.

The media can be as wide ranging as the subject matter from oils and acrylics to chalk, pastels, printing inks and collage. Look out for the small monoprints that are occasionally published.

Also a published photographer Kris sometimes uses her photographs to produce mixed media and digital paintings.

Works are held in collections in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.

Kris has won awards in both the UK and the USA.